Due to the effects of COVID-19, the Venture Challenge program will not be conducted in the 2021 year. If you are interested in updates about this program or others, we recommend you complete our Newsletter Signup!

We apologize for the inconvenience and highly encourage you to take advantage of the tools available through the challenge outside of the scope of the competition! We wish your Venture the best moving forward and past COVID-19.

Venture Challenge

Gain knowledge to get funded.

Big Vision, Achievable Steps

The Venture Challenge program was created by Launch SA in 2016 to provide businesses in the San Antonio, Bexar County area an opportunity to learn goal-setting methods towards funding. Through a rigorous modularized program, participating business owners learn how to share their business vision and goals in terms of monthly milestones, monthly cash flow, and a return on invested resources. Participants in the program have the opportunity to compete for non-dilutive, non-debt, based grant funding.

Time to Start

The Venture Challenge is based on the projected accomplishments within the submission year of the competition. In order to give all participants a fresh vision and opportunity, the challenge timeline renews every January, with a submission deadline generally in May, and Community Showcase in June.

Start Learning

How the Challenge Works

  1. Register

    In order to qualify for entry for the current year, a participant must submit the registration prior to the final submission date for that year.

  2. Start Building

    As a participant, you will need to recreate the challenge documents for the business you are pursuing.

    Once completed, participants submit their challeneges for review.

  3. Share Your Vision

    Challenges will be internally reviewed for completeness, consistency, viability, and thoroughness, at which point finalists will be selected to compete in the final round.

  4. Compete to Win

    Venture Challenge finalists, will prepare a live pitch evaluated on viability and return on investment for community stakeholders, Launch SA Board Members, and Investors.

  5. Raise a Community

    The Venture Challenge program concludes with a live community pitch where funding is awarded to the top performers of the year.

Start Today

Challenge Yourself with Support

We believe that no challenge should be undertaken without support, so staff from Launch SA is available by appointment basis to walk you through all challenges and help you put your best foot forward. In order to schedule, please email team@launchsa.org.

The following documents represent the 5 documents to be returned to Launch SA staff for review:

Challenge Documents:

Stage Assessment – VC2019Challenge 1 – Annual Report – VC2019Challenge 2 – Milestone Map VC2019Challenge 3 – CashFlow RunwayChallenge 4 & 5 – Video + Pitch Deck 

Supplemental Materials:

Pitch Deck Guidelines TemplateVenture Challenge Business Self Assessment

Video Walkthroughs:

Primer + Stage Assessment  | Annual Report to Investors + Milestone Map | Cashflow Runway + Video and Pitchdeck

Meet the Finalists