Launch Online

Building Visible Businesses

All the Essentials to Get You Going

We're providing the ultimate digital starter pack to effectively get online.

  1. Locked Into Google

    We'll make sure that you're taking full advantage of the free services Google offers for small business and aren't missing any insights!

  2. Socially Relevant

    Not sure where to begin with Social Media? We'll make sure that you're set up on the most effective services to reach your target market.

  3. Inform or Sell

    Whether you want to start selling products or showcasing services with a website, we will help ensure you're on your best foot with simple tools and solid strategy.

  4. Communicating with your Market

    Building consistency in communication is one of the best ways to build your audience of repeat customers. We'll help you set up effective methods of relevant shares.

What is Launch Digital?

In response to the threats presented to businesses through the COVID-19 epidemic, the Launch SA team saw a gap for many local businesses – visibility. Whether it be having a website, showing up on Google, being current and relevant with social media, or communicating with customers. We understand that building an online presence, can not only feel overwhelming but learning to manage it can also hinder your business growth as you continue forward. Additionally, we’ve found that many owners don’t understand the nuances of terminology, platforms, and often believe that they need to hire or spend exorbitant amounts to build these sites – on average, this is not true when starting out.

In response, Launch SA is now supporting local business owners with it’s newest pilot program Launch Online.